China Regenerative Medicine International Limited (“CRMI”), listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 18 July 2001 (Stock Code: 8158.HK), is China’s first high-end new-technology enterprise principally engaged in research and development, production and sales of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine products. After unremitting efforts over the past decades, CRMI has evolved into a tissue engineering pioneer and has successfully industrialized regenerative medicine in the People’s Republic of China (P.R.C.), as well as accomplished the research and development and commercialization platform of tissue engineering. Headquartered in Hong Kong, CRMI has six modernized manufacturing facilities in Xi’an, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Tianjin and Hong Kong.

Currently, CRMI has applied for more than 140 domestic and overseas patents and over 170 trademarks, and has undertaken various national pivotal projects. CRMI has presided over the development of the industry standard on two occasions, and has also received many significant scientific awards including the First Class Award of the National Science and Significant Scientific Technology Award. In 2014, CRMI collaborated with the University of Oxford in the UK to establish the‘CRMI Technology Centre at the University of Oxford’ where CRMI has designated it as its core R&D institution. Following the Rolls-Royce Group and Invensys Group, CRMI is the third enterprise to set up a technology and R & D centre with the University of Oxford. On 21st October 2015, CRMI has jointly entered into the memorandum of understanding with the University of Oxford and CCB International (Holdings) Ltd, during the State Visit to the United Kingdom by President Xi Jinping of the PRC. The memorandum depicts the establishment of a strategic platform for industrialization of biomedical research which is one of the 28 projects being selected during President Xi’s visit.

CRMI currently focuses on three major business segments, namely tissue engineering, cell therapy, and cosmetics. ‘ActivSkin’, the only tissue-engineered skin developed in China that contains living cells, engraved a leading position in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine industry for us. Patients whom applied our Activeskin can shorten healing time for burns and scalds, and relieve pain. ‘Acornea’, the world’s first bio-engineered cornea which completed its clinical trials and obtained CFDA approval for commercialization, helps elevate us as well as our nation to the world stage of regenerative medicine research. Other tissue engineering products of CRMI include: Calcined Bovine Bone – “Gegreen”, Acellular Anal Fistula Repair Stroma — “Asiunin”, Cell Sheet-Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation – “CS-ACI”, Guided Tissue Regeneration Biological Membrane–“Megreen”. With sophisticated technology and know-how on live cell culture, CRMI has launched a series of bioactive cosmetics called “Aimiya”that aims to enter the anti-aging, beauty and healthcare industry. Also, CRMI collaborated with Mila D’Opiz Group in Switzerland to establish Shanghai Hesidi Cosmetics Company Limited, which is mainly responsible for the entire business of the renowned Swiss skincare brand “Ascara” in the PRC.

Following the initial success in tissue engineering products and skincare business, CRMI is actively exploring another business area “Cell Therapy”. By leveraging on CRMI Technology Centre at the University of Oxford, CRMI is in the position of building one-stop comprehensive cell therapy infrastructures, including China Stem Cell Clinical Applications Centre; HK International Regenerative Centre; AK Biomedical; Tianjing Weikai Bioeng ; Changzhou Yize, which are designed to provide cell processing services for clinical applications, conducted cell storage, cell culture and processing; cell culture equipment design, sales and manufacturing.

In March 2016, the Group has committed to the planning and deployment of investing and constructing two projects, namely the Regenerative Medicine Research Project and Regenerative Medicine Clinical Centre Project in Hainan Province. These projects have passed the medical technology assessment program of medical technology organized by the Health and Family Planning Commission of Hainan Province. In the future, the Group will cooperate fully with the Provincial Government of Hainan Province under its ten-year development plan, to transform the Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical and Tourism Pilot Zone(the “Pilot Zone”) into a world-leading destination for medical tourism. This Pilot Zone will become an attraction for elite medical talents as well as an international healthcare communication platform. Entering Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical and Tourist Pilot Zone marks the beginning of another glorious era for CRMI’s development. By leveraging on Hainan Province’s quality tourism resources; well-established management system; the Pilot Zone’s preferential policies; as well as CRMI’s world-leading patented technologies in regenerative medicine; top-notch research and development team; experienced industrialization platform; we will strive to become a global leading force in regenerative medicine through the contributions to develop these projects.