The Company values communication with shareholders and investors. The Company uses two-way communication channels to account to shareholders and investors for the performance of the Company. Enquiries and suggestions from shareholders or investors are welcomed, and enquiries from shareholders or investors may be put to the Board through the following channels to the company secretary:

1. By mail to the Company’s head office at 10th Floor, Everbright Centre, 108 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong;
2. By telephone at telephone number (852) 3966 8388;
3. By fax at fax number (852) 2802 0026; or
4. By email at

The Company uses a number of formal communications channels to account to shareholders and investors for the performance of the Company. These include (i) the publication of quarterly, interim and annual reports; (ii) the annual general meeting or extraordinary general meeting providing a forum for shareholders to raise comments and exchanging views with the Board; (iii) updated and key information of the Group available on the websites of the Stock Exchange and the Company; (iv) the company's website offering communication channel between the Company and its shareholders and investors; and (v) the Company’s share registrars in Hong Kong serving the shareholders in respect of all share registration matters.

The Company aims to provide its shareholders and investors with high standards of disclosure and financial transparency. The Board is committed to provide clear, detailed, timely manner and on a regular basis information of the Group to shareholders through the publication of quarterly, interim and annual reports and/or dispatching circular, notices, and other announcements.

The Company strives to take into consideration its shareholders’ views and inputs, and address shareholders’ concerns. Shareholders are encouraged to attend the annual general meeting for which at least 20 clear business days' notice is given. The Chairman as well as chairmen of the Audit Committee, the Nomination Committee and the Remuneration Committee, or in their absence, the Directors are available to answer shareholders’ questions on the Group’s businesses at the meeting. All shareholders have statutory rights to call for extraordinary general meetings and put forward agenda items for consideration by shareholders.

If a shareholder wishes to propose a person for election as a director at a general meeting, please refer to the “Procedures for Shareholders to Propose a Person for Election as a Director” under the section of “Board of Directors”.

In order to promote effective communication, the Company also maintains website ( which include the latest information relating to the Group and its businesses.